As kids, we were all familiar with the dangers of Artificial Intelligence systems like SkyNet thanks to the super hit movie – Terminator. As AI makes rapid progress in today’s world, the fears depicted in the movie brings a very uncomfortable question to the forefront, Can AI destroy us?

While there is no certain answer to that question, in this article, we will try to explain the pros and cons associated with artificial intelligence.


Efficiency: AI-powered tools can make our work more efficient. Repetitive tasks can be done by machines while the tasks that require thinking can be sent to humans. Mundane jobs like answering emails or data entry can be delegated AI assistants, freeing up your time for other activities.

Increased automation: Work that requires no creativity will be easy to automate, making it cheaper to offer several products and services


Loss of Control: AI learns while it works and adapts itself to new situations. If they become smarter than humans, they will be hard to control. Keeping aside the typical conspiracy theorists, even top AI researchers are concerned about how to control AI systems.

As an example, AI systems recently developed by Google to conduct auto translations started to talk to each other by creating its own language. No one was able to understand or break the code to figure out what the two AI systems were talking.

AI-powered Facebook algorithm is said to have affected the election results in a big country. Such results give rise to fears about the unintended consequences because of increased dependence on AI tools.

Loss of jobs: While no one will admit it, many jobs may become redundant because of AI technology. Lawyers and accountants have an uneasy feeling that their jobs can easily be done by AI-powered chatbots.

 So the fear about AI is real.